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Massage & Manicures
by Maria


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage involves the use of hands, forearms, and elbows applying light, medium or deep pressure with long, kneading and gliding strokes for complete body relaxation.  

30 Minutes

90 Minutes

60 Minutes

120 Minutes

Every massage is customized just for you.


Manicure Services

Whether you are pressed for time or want to enjoy a luxurious treatment, these soothing and moisturizing hand rituals will be sure to ease your tired hands.


This time saving manicure allows you to continue on with your day after your nails and hands are hydrated and looking fabulous with a natural shine, regular polish, or gel polish.


Melt away stress with this ultimate manicure service.  Nails will be filed, shaped, and cuticles will be gently removed.  Say goodbye to dry skin with an exfoliation treatment followed by a hydrating and soothing masque to include a hand and arm massage. Your nails will look amazing with a natural shine, regular polish, or gel polish application.

About Maria


Maria Flom

Master Nail Technician & Massage Therapist

As a graduate of CenterPoint Massage School, with over 7 years of experience as a licensed master nail technician, I am able to combine my craft of impeccable manicure services and therapeutic touch to ensure you receive the most luxurious spa experience.